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Beechcraft Heritage Museum

The Beechcraft Heritage Museum is a repository of aircraft, artifacts and memorabilia from the Beechcraft company and its legacy. The museum is open to the public and features a collection of more than sixty aircraft, including three Beechcraft Model 18s that are still airworthy. The museum also has a library, research center and exhibit galleries which focus on the history of Beechcraft aircraft and their impact on aviation.

1.21 miles away

Hands-On Science Center

The Hands-On Science Center offers a variety of exhibits and activities for visitors of all ages. The center is open Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm, and Sunday 1 pm-5 pm. Admission is free for children under the age of six and adults are only charged for special exhibits.

The center has two floors of exhibits, including an exhibit on weather and climate, a chemistry laboratory, a physics laboratory, an astronomy lab, and a geology lab. There are also several classrooms on the second floor that can be used for private lessons or group activities.

1.90 miles away

Short Springs Natural Area

Short Springs Natural Area is a nature preserve located in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The preserves features short springs and kettle lakes, as well as a variety of trees and plants. The area is home to a number of rare animals, including the bald eagle, raccoon, white-tailed deer, red fox, and the eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly.

3.55 miles away

Cowan Railroad Museum

The Cowan Railroad Museum is located in Cowan, Tennessee, and is dedicated to the history of the railroad in that area. The museum has a collection of locomotives, cars, tools, and other railroad artifacts. It also has a small museum exhibit on local history.

19.00 miles away

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